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Telephone and Interactive Computer based Parenting Consultations
  "So achievable and the endorsement of strategies I wasn't previously conscious of using  was encouraging!" Theatre Producer  
  "I feel I've learnt a lot and could get quite addicted to our weekly chats". Suzie Skipper, Journalist   
In front of my computer & using an interactive white screen, Clare explains [on the phone] that her coaching courses (in groups or individually) use a well researched positive parenting approach based on cognitive behaviour therapy. I've already emailed Clare my main worries and we get started. Tea time is a concern for me. I look forward to seeing my children post school and crave time talking about the events of the day. But however hard I try it never quite turns out that way. More often than not everyone is fractious, demanding my attention and big brother enjoys winding his siblings up. I often don't see what happens as I am busy preparing tea. Clare is easy to talk to and uses a mixture of chat and an interactive white board to illustrate what she is saying. She suggests I encourage my children to sort out their squabbles themselves. Not make a big deal (unless someone is genuinely hurt) as I could escalate a non-event.   Clare suggests I get a small jar to put a marble in each time I see positive behaviour at mealtimes. Once it is full they can collectively choose a small treat like a picnic in the garden. It must take no longer than a week to fill. Before we sign off Clare reminds me of my tasks -organise the jar and write a list of what I would like to see more of at mealtimes so the children know what they are aiming for. The jar is an instant hit. Even my teenager starts to contribute more positively. I feel I've learnt a lot and could get quite addicted to our weekly chats".   Suzie Skipper, Journalist