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Foundation Years Parent Coaching Course
  “The group has been so supportive, entertaining and non-judgemental” Mother 2 kids  
  "I loved the methodology. It made total sense to me, so I felt engaged from the start" Father of 2  
  "Fills the gap after antenatal classes, lasts longer than labour & doesn't hurt. Really enjoyed it. " Bev, Corporate Lawyer  
If your child never whinges, never argues with their brother/sister/friend, never answers back, always does everything you ask them first time, has perfect table manners, then lucky you - otherwise try this course!   Mary, mother of 2 Praising them more has helped a lot - I now leave the house calmly to get them to school in the morning. Things are much more enjoyable. I didn't really notice the good things before"  Father of 2 In trying to get my partner on board and talking about what I have learnt - he has noticed the benefits and is taking it in and changing the way he behaves too. There are huge changes. It has been wonderful"  Mother I came on the course to change him (my son). The course has changed me instead. Starting the change with me has made all the difference"   Jo It made the most massive and positive difference to me and to my relationship with my then very headstrong 4 year old. Although it felt pricey at the time I would miss a holiday, or 2 or 3 to have the outcomes we did!!!"  Ali, Mother of three There is no doubt that the course has had a positive impact on both my approach to parenting and consequently the behaviour of my children. I'm not saying they have turned into perfect angels overnight. But I now have a full toolkit of approaches to use in any situation! Invaluable!!"  Mother of 2