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Employee Testimonials
transform your family life
  "I now have more tools to use and feel better equipped as a parent." HR manager, Merrill Lynch  
  "Wonderfully simple - really, really useful"   Discovery Channel Exec  
Validating what I am doing and showing me different methods is very helpful,  as is sharing experience and what worked for others" exec at BT "My expectations were too high. Our time together now is so much better." "It enabled me to reflect on what I do as a parent and feel more in control at home" Senior HR manager "Every parent needs help and this course has some of the answers! It was relevant and the techniques actually worked at home!"  "It has had a positive impact in achieving work / life balance which has allowed me to carry on working whilst at the same time enjoying my children" BT exec "Helps me to manage and control stress"
Ultimately the sustainability of any organisation is down to the wellbeing of its workforce .. who in turn look after the wellbeing of their organisation and its customers...and how programmes such as yours at Parenting Matters, become not just nice to have's but essential if an organisation is to fulfil its true potential through its workforce."   Senior Exec, BT Global Services