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Childcare vouchers are a tax efficient scheme to provide working parents with tax free help towards paying for childcare. Every working parent earning above minimum wage is entitled to use between £97 and £243* per month tax free from gross salary towards their childcare costs in the form of Childcare Vouchers. The employer saves on average £300 per employee per year who joins the scheme in Employers National Insurance contributions. The funds are collected by the employer and passed on to kidsunlimited to process and seamlessly transfer to the parent's nominated childcare provider/s. Click here to see how much you could save: Anderson Peak Performance, run by Rosemary Anderson, an international expert in Stress Management, provides much needed help for individuals suffering from stress and common mental health problems. In addition to a health and well-being service specialising in absence management, stress, mental health and general health and wellbeing, Anderson Peak Performance also provides cutting edge interactive online stress management training at affordable prices. A professional community of highly respected NCT trained teachers whose sole aim is to partner you along the journey to ensure that you are fully informed and empowered to make the most informed and best choices for you and your baby….and enjoy it!! Health Matters 360 is an innovative company that offers an intelligent integrated approach to health and well-being. Their unique 360 degree approach combine physical, nutritional and positive mind matters to create optimum health for individuals and companies. They offer 1-2-1 programmes, residential health hubs and health matters at work workshops and seminars. Of particular interest is their relaxation and mindfulness coaching, which supports positive parenting and reduces stress and negative behaviour patterns.
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Childcare Vouchers, family friendly savings that benefit both employee and employer from kidsunlimited