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Parenting Matters at Work Dr Clare Bailey launched Parenting Matters at Work to provide parent coaching in the workplace.  Busy parents need the best parenting skills and have fewer opportunities to develop them at home. Many employees have young families. For working mothers and fathers, achieving an effective work-life balance is a tricky juggling act - one requiring skills that we don't automatically have. Most companies understand the need to improve their employees' skills through training in the workplace. Enlightened employers increasingly see the need to improve their employees' skills in areas not directly connected with their 'at work' tasks - but which have a major impact on their performance. And it's a rare parent who does not think about their family problems at work. Give busy parents the skills to resolve these issues at home and they are likely to be more effective and committed at work. We have been working with companies such as BT, Intel, BMW, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, BP and Discovery Europe to improve employee wellbeing & engagement Contact Us        Testimonials
Happier at home... more focussed at work