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Why Parenting Matters... Through parent coaching, Parenting Matters have helped hundreds of mums and dads become more confident parents. They tell us that they enjoy their family life more, have fewer confrontations, feel less stressed and are more in control. Dr Clare Bailey, who set up Parenting Matters, is a GP. She realised, when she started bringing up her own children, just how little she knew about the realities of child rearing. So she found the best CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) based parenting program,  became a highly skilled practitioner and has since helped hundreds of other parents to fine tune their parenting skills. Clare now has a team of experienced parenting coaches working with her. Working with parents individually, on local courses, through schools and in large organisations, they help parents develop simple strategies that have been proven to be highly effective at creating a more harmonious family environment in which happy, confident children can develop to their fullest potential. Evidence based parenting, so you know it works..

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