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Debbie Marsden is a doctor with over 10 years experience in General Practice, including specialisations in Obstetrics and Child Health.  She works part time as a parenting coach.  Her husband works in the City and she has three teenage daughters as well as numerous pets. "I feel very strongly about the value of parent coaching and am impressed by the evidence based approach and the benefits gained by incorporating  CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) into the course.  I have watched many families transformed by the simple techniques we encourage.  It is a great foundation for any family for the present and the future." Originally a language graduate, Pat first became involved in parenting courses when she attended a course to help her handle her two year old's reaction to the arrival of his baby sister.  "I was so inspired by the impact of the course on my own family and seeing the benefits gained by other participants, I decided to train as a facilitator to run the courses at my local school. I believe passionately that parent coaching can benefit all parents and can really turn family lives around - not just those with particularly challenging children."  Pat has over 15 years of experience and extensive training in running parenting courses both privately and for the NHS and coaches parents of children of all ages - from toddlers to teenagers.  Pat has two children, Tom age 16 and Ellie age 13, and nieces and nephews aged 5 and 6 who keep her actively in touch with day to day life with younger children. Jackie was inspired to become a parenting coach after attending the Parenting Matters course in 2008 when struggling with her three young children. "The programme made such an enormous difference to the happiness of my family, I wanted to help other parents realise they could also have an amazing impact on their home life. I learned that you don't have to wave a magic wand to make a difference, just take time to think about how you interact with your kids every day. I have seen how the practical skills and supportive coaching on the course, have helped so many different parents". With a background in British Airways customer service training and management, Jackie has thoroughly enjoyed blending her professional skills with her experience of parenthood, to become a parenting coach. Having lived overseas and therefore moved schools many times, Jackie has a particular appreciation for parents coping with the pressures of change and relocation and the impact this can have on family relationships. She is now married to a teacher, and keeps busy with 3 energetic young children aged 9, 7 and 5, and two dogs. Anna has worked with Parenting Matters since 2005, benefitting from the training as her own 3 children were growing up. Her eldest and youngest children are both away, one at uni and the other at school in the Swedish mountains, leaving the middle daughter at home, near London to enjoy life.. Anna's parenting work runs alongside her role as an educational consultant helping families resolve schooling issues as part of relocation. Anna believes that the time set aside to look closely at how we interact with our children is the key factor in the success of the course… take time to reflect, then try something slightly gentler, more attentive, balanced and deliberate with our children, and we find time after time "stuck" situations improving and changing. The best of it is that the children so obviously enjoy the benefit as connections with parents improve, and problems get tackled more constructively.…
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